Cellus.Papi – Mind On Benjis 2 (Mixtape)

Cellus.Papi – Mind On Benjis 2 (Mixtape)

Rising North Carolina rapper Cellus.Papi is back with his first project of 2021, titled “Mind On Benjis 2” laced with 18 tracks. Cellus came with a different approach with this project by recording all the songs off his iPhone. With Cellus, being a artist and manager, he knows the best of both worlds but all that matters is the Benjis at the end of the day. With songs like ‘Figuring Less’, ‘Thought It Was A Drought’ and ‘Alone’, just to name a few, Cellus is on the right track to put on for NC this year. He’s also dropping his ‘F**k School Get Lit’ project soon.. Check out ‘Mind On Benjis 2’ below until then!

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