Only One Felipe – Super (Album Stream)

Only One Felipe – Super (Album Stream)

Since establishing his own label, Only One Records, Atlanta native and Rap heavy-hitter Only One Felipe is creating his own legacy with the release of his highly anticipated album “Super” today. Carrying on the momentum of records such as “Way Out” and “Tried”, Only One Felipe’s new album is set to be a fan favorite.
One thing that makes Only One Felipe unlike other artists, he’s not afraid of taking risks. From being signed to Republic Records in 2018 to deciding to be fully independent, Only One Felipe continues to bet on himself even when the odds are stacked against him.

Felipe’s go-getter mentality can be heard throughout his new album, Super . In records such as “Lucky” featuring Landstrip Chip and Seddy Hendrix, he is not phased by the fake love that comes with fame because “some people change guess they weren’t meant for me”. Super is a culmination of emotions stemming from those who doubt him, focusing on his career, and losing people on the way to success. “Everlasting” is one of the most raw records on the entire album. Stream Felipe’s album ‘Super’ below!

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