Van Buren Records – Cash Rules (Video)

Van Buren Records – Cash Rules (Video)

The talented collective of rappers from Brockton, MA focused on bars, Van Buren Records release their latest single, “CASH RULES.” On the AZIZTHESHAKE produced track, rappers Luke Bar$, SAINT LYOR, FELIX!, Jiles, Andrew Regis, and Meech BOLD take turns delivering colorful bars while flexing their own unique flows, each delivered with style, precision, and grit. “CASH RULES” is VB’s first new offering since the release of their critically acclaimed debut album “Bad For Press” earlier this year.

With a name inspired by a fictitious street gang from an episode of “Seinfeld,” Van Buren Records is a 13 member collective comprised of rappers FELIX!, Luke Bar$, Jiles, SAINT LYOR, Meech BOLD, Invada, and producer/emcee multi-hyphenate, Andrew Regis. Regis is joined by fellow producers Ricky Felix and Kiron Akil, and engineer, R. Louie. The crew is rounded out by the designer, Moses Besong, and creative directors, Shelby Narcisse and E. Each member of the group plays an integral role in the collaborative process and each emcee has their own unique voice, style, and identity. Together, Van Buren Records are an eclectic group with their own original sound.. Stream and check out the visual to ‘Cash Rules’ below!


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